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Basic Membership

join the community and receive your daily check in, where you decide if you need to vent, request some resources or neede some on demand “me” time.

You also are able to download forms and resources designed to make your life as a caregiver easier.

Book Scheduled Renewal Time

Schedule recurring “me” times so you can have something to look forward to and feel comfortable with that decision. Your loved one will be engaging with our staff doing their old hobbies or whatever else brings a smile to their face.

On Demand "Me" time

We know you love the person you care for, that is never questioned. But everyone has their breaking point and needs a chance to just step away and catch their breath. Whether it is because you can’t get away from work or can’t be late, or whatever else comes up . We are here to have your back.

Can't Make A Medical Appointment?

Let us play your advocate as we accompany your loved one to the appointment and receive a comprehensive written report about what was said and any reccomendations or new prescriptions.

Live Stream and Recorded How To Videos

Ever wondered how to do basic care the right way? No need to feel embarrassed , we aren’t taught this in school and everyone has to learn somehow . The more you learn the better the care is. Live stream and recorded How To Give Care and Q&A’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “me” time?

“Me” time is a two hour block of time where we  come in and give you a break. Feel free to do whatever you want and we will engage your loved one in one of their favorite activity or hobby. All staff has been trained in provideing companionship.

Why you when I can get the same thing from a home health provider?

True, you could very well hire a home health company. But, we providee a more personal experience with our online community, daily check in done on your terms and your very own library of “How To 101” . Besides, we are small and like to think of those that join us as family.

What kind of educational content do you have?

we have videos and written tutorials that range from basic bedside care to how to hold serious end  of life conversations.

What Does Our Membership Fee Go To?

Everyone who works for care4givers has been a caregiver in some capacity and believe that we should pass along the opportunity to experience a community of supportive peers and give themselves “me” time, so for every two memberships we give one to someone who otherwise could not afford it.

If I can’t leave work early to accompany my loved one to a doctors appointment , can you? 

We believe in patient advocacy and transparency, so if the need arises we are more than happy to accompany your loved one to the doctors appointment. We come armed with all the proper questions to ask and information to relay. Afterwards, we draw upon our experiences as nurses and medical assistants and write up a detailed report of everything that transpired and what new medications or orders have been given.

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Ask a question or book an appointment below. For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital

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You Can Find Us At The Main Office:

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Hi, I’m the CEO, founder and a fellow caregiver. Please feel free to drop me a line abourt any quesrions, problems or suggestions.