We typically think of the unpaid or family caregiver as a female , average age of 49 taking care of a parent whose age is on average 69.

Be prepared to be shocked, 1 out of 4 caregivers are millenials! Put aside the sterotype of a Millenial as uncaring, this is very untrue.


What makes this hidden group special?

  • 73% are employeed fulltime
  • children of baby boomers, meaning they will be caring for a large part of our country
  • 54% state that they have lost out on promotions and raises due to their caregiving. Why? only 40% confide to their employers about their situation
  • Isolation and depression? You bet! 80% do not disclose what they do when they are not at work. this leaves them feeling as if they are the only ones.
  • These are the future backbone of care and they are already discussing the physical and emotional toll caretaking has brought on.
  • They believe in becoming part of a team, knowing that two heads are better than one.

This population is one that has been left by the side and not focused upon. Thats an oversight we are working to correct.

Finding partnerships with their employers and with insurance companies is one way to get the word out to provide services to make their lives easier. We don’t advocate ignoring the caregivers that we typically thinki about, but include them in our attempts to reach caregivers and provide them some relief.

If you are a millenial caregiver, we salute you! You are important , remember that and remember that making sure you take care of yourself only makes you a better caregiver and we are here to help you along your way.